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team gingers

a vincent van gogh & amy pond fan community

The Ultimate Ginge
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Vincent Van Gogh & Amy Pond
TEAM GINGERS ; a vincent van gogh & amy pond community

Welcome to "Team Gingers", the first LJ community devoted to the relationship between Vincent Van Gogh and Amy Pond from the BBC series "Doctor Who".

Please join us for fanfiction, fanart, icons, videos, fanmixes and discussion!

If you have need anything, please feel free to contact the moderators via PM, Twitter or comment on the Page-A-Mod post.

galfridian (LJ & Twitter)
weasleytook (LJ & Twitter)

We have none yet! Contact us via PM if you have a related community and would like to affiliate!

i need some more of you;

to take me over

Posting Guidelines
We're keeping it simple for now as we're a small, but growing, fandom.

1. No bashing, insulting or harassing of your fellow members or members of other communities/fandoms. This also applies to people involved with the show, actors, writers, etc. And it should go without saying, but just in case, no homophobic, racist, sexist or otherwise derogatory language allowed here. We want this to be a positive place!
2. LJ cuts are your friend! Anything that is content-heavy, such as fanfic, larger graphics, pictures, picspams, etc. should go behind an LJ cut. Learn how to make them here.
3. Use tags on your post, it will help you find previous posts and keep our community organized. For a list of our tags, go here.

How to Post Fanfiction
All fanfic should include the following information (or something similar) before the LJ cut:

Word Count:

The fic itself should then be put after a LJ cut.

CSS ; modifications ; header ; icons ; profile

affiliates: pond_life doctoreleven